Taking notes in the margins (and lots of other updates)

Many of you have asked for this, so I decided to bump it up on the todo list. You can now take notes on the side bar of the listing! When you do, it should automatically change the note on your favorites list and the bubble back on the map. Pretty nifty, eh?

Listing Sidebar with Notes

Listing Sidebar with Notes

I wanted to do this when I rolled out the sidebar originally, but it proved more difficult than I first thought. The biggest reason for that was that you need to be logged in to take notes, and that meant being able to log in on a listing page, and not just from the map. When you log in on a listing page, the map also needs to learn that you’ve logged in, and update accordingly. The solution I’ve come up with isn’t completely foolproof, but I think it should work 99% of the time. If it ever doesn’t work, a refresh of the page should set everything right.

In other news, I’ve been busy on many parts of the site. PadLister (http://www.padlister.com), PadMapper’s sister site devoted to landlord tools (listing syndication, online rental applications, and other things) got a major facelift from my friend, the very talented designer Tracy Osborn, who works on matching people up with beautiful wedding invitations by day.

Also, the online rental applications received some major updates, so more landlords should be interested in using them.

Finally, it strikes me that I never officially announced one of the biggest changes to the site in a while – there is now the ability to make a renter profile, complete with a verified copy of your credit score. This profile inserts itself into your emails and answers the basic questions that you have to go through with every landlord: are you employed, do you have pets, when you’d like to move in, when you’re available to visit, and so on. It should hopefully save you a lot of back and forth.

PadMapper Renter Profile, with Credit Score

Renter Profile, with Credit Score

I hope you all find the new additions useful!

Happy hunting!

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