This came as a rather large surprise to me, but PadMapper’s been nominated for a Webby award! For those of you who aren’t web geeks, The Webby Awards are as close as internet folks have to an awards ceremony like the Oscars. It started back in the dark ages of the internet (1996), and has honored many websites, huge and small. This year, I think Pinterest was nominated for like 10 of them (I may not be exaggerating). Good job guys :-)

There are two awards in each category, and five nominees per category. One of the awards is decided by the judges in their secret chamber, but the other is awarded based on the results of an online vote. Also in the running is Zillow. They seem like a good group of people and all, but you should probably vote for me instead, because I am a more good group of people. And it would probably mean a lot to my parents. And a lot more people know about Zillow, so random people will vote for them.

You may have already seen the svelte black bar at the top of the site. If you have, and you’ve voted, you’re a great person and I appreciate it. If not, you still have a chance to redeem yourself by voting here: Click Me!. If you don’t, I’ll never know, and it doesn’t really make you a bad person, but you might feel bad if you ever meet me. So do it for selfish reasons if nothing else.

Now back to your regularly scheduled apartment hunting.


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