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And One More

Price per bedroom is back! Any other features that are sorely missed?

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No-Fee and Max Listing Age Filters are Back

Hi guys, continuing with the work of bringing the new site back up to parity with the old in terms of filtering functionality, I’ve just released a new version of the site that includes the old No Fee and Max Listing Age filters. One thing to note on the max age filter, it filters based [...]

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Fulltext Search Filter is Back!

Hi everyone, fulltext search is back! Next up, no-fee and filter by age. Sorry they didn’t make the relaunch. A little primer on how the fulltext search works. If you just put some words into the box, it’ll require that ALL of those words appear in the ad. If you want to do something a [...]

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PadMapper is Joining Zumper

Hi everyone, I’m very excited to announce that PadMapper has joined forces with a much larger (27 person) and much better resourced startup – Zumper! I’m guessing that many readers of this aren’t very familiar with PadMapper, and there’s no reason anyone would know anything about the company’s inner workings, so I’ll start by saying [...]

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After 3 years, we settled our lawsuit with craigslist today. As part of the settlement, we’ll no longer be including craigslist users’ listings in our search results. However, PadMapper is not going anywhere, and we’re excited about what we have in store. PadMapper has over 100 sources of listing data, and over 700,000 non-craigslist listings [...]

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Scammy Email Gems

Here at PadMapper, our servers automatically screen emails that go through PadLister, to monitor for scams, and ban listers who send scammy emails. Before we ban them, though, we have to review them by hand to make sure we don’t ban a legitimate person by accident. Because of this, we get to see a lot [...]

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Massive Rewrite in Google Maps V3!

Well, I did it. I finally got around to rewriting PadMapper in a newer version of Google Maps. I’m probably one of the last developers on the planet to upgrade to Google Maps v3. Why? Well, I really, really liked Google Maps v2. That, and I wrote more extensive v2 code than most, and many [...]

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Good night, sweet PadMapper Bar

Craigslist has decided to make it impossible for the PadMapper bar to function with their listings, so now, those listings won’t have the PadMapper bar on them. Sorry everyone. If you want a consistent experience, you can filter out Craigslist listings by clicking Show More Filters and looking to the bottom to see the source [...]

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Neat Rental Analytics

Every so often, I get requests from researchers for rental data/statistics to analyze, and they frequently yield some interesting papers and visualizations. One of them just posted some great visualizations of median rents and rent distributions that she extracted from some PadMapper data. She seems to have been more rigorous with her assumptions than most [...]

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Vacation Rentals!

You may have noticed a small addition to the filter box – a little checkbox called “Vacation”. It’s probably temporary, but for now that will let you filter for/filter out nightly/weekly vacation rentals. The prices are still quoted by the month, though, so if you see any outrageously expensive seeming places, that might be why. [...]

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