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Moving Back to College After Summer Vacation

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So you’ve spent your long summer days at your parents’ pad and while we all wish those days could have lasted a little longer… that wishful thinking makes it even harder to believe that the end of summer is already upon us. Yes, it’s already time to start thinking about the move back to campus [...]

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Holiday Gift Guide for that New Apartment

The holiday season is finally upon us. After a turbulent year filled with oil spills and elections, it’s time to shift our focus to the people that are closest to us. Of course, with end of the year comes the hectic holiday shopping season.  With millions of gift guides floats around out there on the [...]

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Wet Damp Weather Means Mold, Mold, Mold!

Once rainy weather hits, it hits with a vengeance. For some of you (Seattle) drizzle has been a part of the daily forecast since mid-September. For other more sun-friendly cities, the joint-aching dampness of winter is just settling in. And as it does, so does the mold. Mold is tricky. It’s something you’re supposed to [...]

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How to Host Thanksgiving in a Tiny Apartment

If your kitchen looks like this: and your dining room/living room/everything-else-room look like this: planning a Thanksgiving celebration that is more than just you and your goldfish and an E-Z Thaw-and-Go Turkey Dinner is damn near impossible. But not totally impossible. Hosting an (albeit small-ish) Thanksgiving feastivle in your urban studio apartment will be a [...]

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Crazy Coffee Tables to Make Your Apartment More Awesome

Forget the plasma 3D television. If you want to impress your guests, the coffee table is where it’s at. It’s the first step to bridging the gap between style and function. And since your living room is valuable real estate in your apartment for rent, you might as well express yourself with a coffee table [...]

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The Rent is Too Damn High – Padmapper Explores The Man, The Politics, and The Rent

It’s the “Yes We Can,” of 2010:The Rent is Too Damn High. Breakfast lunch, and dinner, the rent is too damn high. Jimmy McMillan, the fearless, bearded leader of the Rent is Too Damn High Party, has raised high-rent awareness across the country. He just received the ultimate accolade: his very own SNL spoof. But [...]

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5 Steps to Finding a Quality Roommate

There is, in my opinion, no relationship so tumultuous as the roommate relationship. It is complicated, often fickle. One second you are laughing together over a shared bottle of wine, the next you’re leaving snarky messages taped to the fridge “reminding” each other to do the freaking dishes! Roommates deal with the same problems as [...]

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The Top 6 College Towns in America

Ahhh, college. No matter what your age, a thriving collegiate community can greatly enhance the quality of life of whatever town it is in. But not all college atmospheres are created equal. The best college towns will provide the perfect mix of intellectual curiosity and tomfoolery. As long as you’re willing to put up with [...]

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Want to Get the Inside Scoop on a City? Read These Blogs

If you’re looking for apartments for rent a new city, it can be very difficult to get some good inside info on what it’s actually like to live in certain areas.  Promotional websites will spoon feed you fluff on how fantastic their own area is, while you’ll only find hyperbolic and unreliable statements on internet message boards.  How [...]

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The Best Music Cities in America

When trying to find apartments for rent in different cities, one of the biggest draws to a particular town is its music scene. But no matter how long you browse through apartment listings, you won’t find any good information on a city’s music scene within. While any city is never more than a few hours [...]

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