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User Interface Updates

Sorry for not blogging in a while – I’ve been releasing updates this whole time, though. Tonight I released quite a few updates to the user interface. The main goals were to unclutter some of the parts that had become cluttered (filters and listing bubbles, I’m looking at you), as well as to generally beautify [...]

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Solving the “Female Only” problem

A user just emailed me about adding a filter to weed out those heartbreaking listings that are amazing, but at the bottom ask for only females. I’m well acquainted with the problem – you generally read that part after you’ve already fallen in love with the place, and it’s a pretty crappy feeling. Fortunately, PadMapper [...]

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Update – bunch of new stuff

It turns out that I’m pretty bad at keeping up with things, and this blog is no exception. Since my last post, I’ve released a bunch of new stuff, but never got around to posting about them here. So now I’m going to fix that. Most recently, I released Collaboration. This makes it so that [...]

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A new map overlay – Mass Transit!

A number of you have asked me why I don’t add the Google transit overlay to the map. I wish I could, it’s really well done, but my searches haven’t turned up anything but people saying that they don’t share it with people using the Maps API. It’s unfortunate, but c’est la vie. Just kidding, [...]

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Animated Google Map Markers

A new feature! If you click on a marker that has one or more markers hiding behind it (or overlapping heavily), the others will now fan out below the one that was clicked on. Clicking one of those will replace the positioning of the other, and you can cycle through them by clicking one after [...]

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Awesome New Video About PadMapper

The excellent people over at Grumo Media make awesome product demo videos, and now they’ve made one about PadMapper. Check it out! I’m really happy with it, especially with the awesome style. What do you guys think? Here’s a link to it posted on YouTube, including an HD version.

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Neighborhood Overlay!

Thanks to the fine folks over at Zillow, I’ve been able to add an overlay of neighborhood names and shapes to PadMapper’s map for most major cities in the US. To see it, just zoom in close to your favorite major city. They’ll only show up when you’re zoomed in past a certain level. If [...]

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Low Accuracy Listing Locations

A while back, I made it so that PadMapper would start showing listings whose locations it wasn’t confident in with a different color marker (grayish-red rather than the normal bright red). I think the variety of colors may have been a bit much for the first-time user, since it wasn’t really clear what the difference [...]

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The Rent is Too Damn High – Padmapper Explores The Man, The Politics, and The Rent

It’s the “Yes We Can,” of 2010:The Rent is Too Damn High. Breakfast lunch, and dinner, the rent is too damn high. Jimmy McMillan, the fearless, bearded leader of the Rent is Too Damn High Party, has raised high-rent awareness across the country. He just received the ultimate accolade: his very own SNL spoof. But [...]

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The Best Music Cities in America

When trying to find apartments for rent in different cities, one of the biggest draws to a particular town is its music scene. But no matter how long you browse through apartment listings, you won’t find any good information on a city’s music scene within. While any city is never more than a few hours [...]

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